Oxford Country Cottages – Green Policy Statement

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment we have been assessed under the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS). The GTBS is a national sustainable tourism certification scheme. We are delighted and extremely proud that we achieved a Gold Award when assessed against a rigorous set of environmental impact and sustainable criteria. The Gold Award indicates that we are working in the right direction, but of course, we are constantly striving to make further improvements, having just installed a huge 50kW solar PV system to provide electricity, in addition to our biomass boiler providing carbon neutral heating & hot water.

We are a small family run business, who cares about our environment and long-term sustainability. We are committed to making Oxford Country Cottages as environmentally friendly as possible and have so far taken the following steps to protect the environment: –

  • Heating & hot water are provided by our state of the art biomass boiler system – green, sustainable and, most importantly, efficient and warm for our guests!
  • Electricity is provided by our new 50kW solar PV system.
  • All our cottages are supplied with ‘Faith in Nature’ cleaning and beauty products. These beautiful products use only natural ingredients and contain no genetically modified ingredients, no artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances. You can also purchase these items from our Farm Shop!
  • We ask our guests to help us by recycling paper, glass, cans and cardboard using the different bins provided in the cottages. Other recycling opportunities are explored as they arise.
  • Rainwater is collected in butts for use in the gardens and for guests to clean walking boots, cycles etc.
  • Smart thermostats control central heating and hot water, are remotely monitored and automatically switch off when guests are out (great insulation ensures the cottages retain the heat and heat up quickly on return).
  • All of the appliances in the cottages are at least Grade ‘A’ – Rated to minimize energy consumption.
  • All light bulbs used are LED and therefore highly energy efficient.
  • Outdoor lighting is controlled by dusk to dawn sensors.
  • Our energy and water consumption are monitored to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. Energy tariffs are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • We have a Farm Shop on site offering locally sourced, organic, fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables from North Aston organics, Home-Made Bread using Cotswold Flour, Home-made Jams and Marmalades, Fresh Eggs from our very Free-Range Ducks and Hens and we advertise the availability of delicious Welsh Mountain Lamb from our neighbours at Hill End Farm and Dexter Beef at Pegtop Farm in the next door village.
  • We regularly plant trees to benefit our immediate environment further including 30 Poplars, 10 Apple Trees, 2 Cherry Trees, 2 Willows and 4 Silver Birches in the last few years and we have plenty more plans to complete!
  • Our guest information in the cottages and on our website have local information on what to do, where to go and where to eat close to Oxford Country Cottages. While we cannot completely eliminate the need to travel by car for most of our guests there are lots of ideas for “more or less” car free days.
  • We are located adjacent to the stunning RSPB Nature Reserve of Otmoor, offering 1000 acres of Wetland to explore. There are suggested walks mentioned in our Welcome Brochure and Ordnance Survey Maps provided in each Cottage so you can make the most of this opportunity!
  • We are committed to a continuous improvement in environmental management to benefit us all and future generations. We would ask you to support us with this by contributing to this whilst staying at Oxford Country Cottages.

Suggested areas where contributions can be made are as follows: –

  • Switch off lights and TVs when not in use.
  • Please close doors and windows when you have the need to use the heating.
  • Please adjust the heating in individual rooms to suit your requirements.
  • Please avoid excessive use of water.
  • We provide recycling facilities; we would ask you to use the different bins provided in the cottages and then deposit your rubbish in the correct bins behind the gate next to the Laundry Room
  • We would welcome any ideas that you have, that could help Oxford Country Cottages to be more ‘environmentally friendly’, particularly while not affecting the enjoyment of our cottages


Felicity and James Dolleymore – April 2016