Daily Animal Feeding!

Here at Lower Farm we are avid Animal lovers and have grown our Menagerie over the years to now boast Chickens, Ducks, Kune Kune Pigs, and Miniature Donkeys, alongside our resident pets! We would be delighted to introduce the Animal team to anyone who is interested and Children seem to be particularly enthralled by this experience!

Daily Feeding of the animals usually takes place at 9.30 in morning, where young or old can feed and collect eggs from the Chickens and Ducks, meet the Pigs and Donkeys and maybe even have a sit on one of the Miniature Donkeys depending on the size of the jockey! Just send us a text when you are here to let us know what day might suit and we will meet you at the Farmhouse Gate at 9.30….We look forward to seeing you there!!

Meet the Animals…..

The Chickens and Ducks – Mavis, Beryl, Peggy, Maud, Enid, Blue, Sussex and Mrs. Duck make up our current Fowl collection. Great opportunists and love to snack on anything rather than bird food, so do bring along any left over bread, rice or pasta etc…They sprint over with great gusto when you whistle and on a good day will let you stroke their soft feathers! The most recent recruits amongst the girls are our 3 new, young ‘Burford Brown’ hens – we look forward to being able to add their delicious speckled brown eggs to your arrivals starter pack once they start laying!

The Kune Kune Pigs – Pinka and Pumba are very much pet pigs and relish any attention going! They are extremely greedy and love nothing more than being allowed access to our apple orchard….

The Miniature Donkey- Augusta (Gusty) was our latest addition to Lower Farm. However, since then, she has given birth to gorgeous Tiny Tim on June 17th 2017, so he is now very much the newbie and a perfect delight!! Both Mother and Son are very sociable, kind natured and love a good stroke and the odd apple!

Our Resident Pets РBob, the Labradinger, Hetty & Claude, the Siamese Cats and Fat Flossy, the Farmhouse Moggy!! All very close to our hearts and great characters. Bob will merrily tag along on any walks you may be going on should you wish and relish any playtime with other canine guests! The cats love to be stroked should it please them or they can be typically aloof!!